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New Patients


We thank you so much for all the wonderful referrals.

Thank you , thank you!

Dr. Ash has a very full practice and we want to make sure all of her patients get the quality care they deserve.

As of fall 2017 we are only accepting new patient referrals from other medical practitioners, family members of existing patients or newborns. 






Relax, you are in a great place to receive quality healthcare.


If it will be your first time into our office please print out, read, sign and return to our office these forms- patient info sheet, the financial policies, acknowledgment of privacy policy and consent to treat.

You will also need to choose a packet- adult forms, children forms or (if applicable) gynecologic forms. Please print this one out too and bring in to the office.

This one is yours to read: Privacy policy (helps with insomnia if read before bed)